Micro hair pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also called a medical tattoo, is an effective way to fight baldness. The final effect gives an illusion of a closely-shaven scalp, the hair seems like they were just growing out. Scalp micropigmentation is the answer for everyone who struggles with full or partial baldness.

In SMP details matter. The short hair effect is very carefully created, using the micro-hair simulation. At the end of every session, the amount of tattoo dots on our patients head increases re-creating his natural short hair look. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to perform three treatment sessions. The number of sessions is determined individually depending on the degree of patient’s alopecia.


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for whom?

For everyone who is not satisfied with his look. For everyone who wishes to have his hair back, and for those who want to look better. Scalp micropigmentation solves the balding problem, which affects up to 30% of middle-aged men. Despite such a high frequency of occurrence, it is still a taboo in most environments. But thanks to micropigmentation, quick and long-lasting effects are available immediately. The medical tattoo is a non-invasive procedure.

The things we can do for you

  • We can help you retrieve your natural look
  • Create an impression of thickened hair
  • Permanently mask any signs and scars, e.g. after transplants, burns or accidents

Hair Micropigmentation allows us to meet the individual expectations of our clients. We, on the other hand, feel happy, seeing their satisfaction with the work we have done. We put our best efforts to create a look that is as close to natural as possible.

Keep your eyes open

We warn you against the unverified beauty parlous or tattoo studios where inexperienced personnel tries to imitate the SMP effect acting with wrong techniques and pigments intended for traditional tattooing. That kind of procedures have no rights to be, and the introduced dye under the skin can change color after time. And on the other hand, dots which are supposed to imitate the hair follicles, are large in size, you can immediately see the made mistakes. Many people ask us about correcting the effect of unsuccessful SMP Tattoos. It’s very sad, that sometimes the only option is to remove the badly made tattoo and then make it over again, thus generating additional costs. We encourage you to objectively evaluate the effects of treatments various companies propose. In scalp micropigmentation, even the smallest detail counts, It’s all about precision, It’s all about perfection! When you visit our clinic, you will see our manager, who has an SMP tattoo made by our specialist Ania, seeing him will allow you to assess our work on your own.

Change your lifestyle

There are lots of people who feel unattractive or older because of baldness. They should enjoy living their lives but because of the jokes and mockery made about them, they just can’t.

Our mission is to help people:

  • -who had lost their money on baldness pills,
  • -who spent sleepless nights cos of hair loss
  • -Who mask the baldness with hair-like preparations or wigs

Trust is the foundation

Many people, struggling with hair loss and baldness, have tried almost everything in act of desperation. They are devastated and their trust is limited. If you are one of them, do not worry, we come with help. SMP is an innovative technique that not many people have heard about. The end effect can go far beyond your expectations!

Seeing is believing

To help you dispel all your doubts about the micropigmentation, we offer you a meeting with one of the persons who had undergone such a procedure. You will be able to talk to her and evaluate the effect of the treatment by yourself.

Check you will look after the SMP treatment

If you are wondering whether a short hairstyle will suit you, send us your photo and we will create a visualization of your appearance after the SMP treatment. Try to send to us your photo with slightly lowered face directed to the camera (so that the hairline we create will be clearly visible). Remember to send a picture of the right quality – it’s important that the photo is not blurred, has a uniform background and it’s taken in good light. When sending a picture, type “visualization” in the content of the message and we will send you a ready visualization within 48 hours.

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Check the most frequent asked questions by our clients

Check the most frequent asked questions by our clients