About SMP clinic

We specialize only in SMP (scalp micropigmentation) treatment. we do not provide any other services. The idea to open SMP clinic was born in 2012, and a year later we had our first training in Israel, afterward in Italy and England. In that way, received a lot of information, and we improved our skills through practice and modification of acquired knowledge. The time we have dedicated to improve our services had translated into our amazing results. And thanks to them, we are now a world-class SMP clinic. Our clinic is specially adapted for those types of treatments. We are using only the highest quality equipment and pigments intended exclusively for micropigmentation.

Anna Sobczak – A person responsible for performing treatments in our clinic. A qualified cosmetologist who completed SMP courses in England, Italy, and Israel. A perfectionist, whose accuracy, diligence and dedication to her work transfer into incredible results. She has an individual approach to each patient, and every satisfied patient gives her great satisfaction. For her SMP is not only a treatment, but it’s also a huge change in a patient’s life. She is aware of the responsibility placed on her, and she always gives 100% of herself.

Emil Paruszewski – manager of the clinic. He perfectly understands the baldness problem because he had been struggling with it since he as 17. he tried to fight it in all possible ways, but it was a struggle doomed to failure. because of his hair loss, he spent sleepless nights until he met the SMP. From the beginning, he had known that it was exactly what he was looking for. Today he is aware of the positive impact of the treatment on his life. He wishes to make others aware that SMP is a great solution to the alopecia problem.


As the only one, we give you a guarantee of satisfaction. If after the treatment you will find that you are not satisfied with the effect and you will decide that you want to return to your old appearance, we will do it for you. We will remove the effect of the micropigmentation, and we will do it completely for free. We never had such a situation in our clinic, but we give you such a guarantee. We have also experience in removing unwanted SMP tattoos, we can help every person who had an unsuccessful SMP treatment. We also give you one-year care since the end of the last treatment in our clinic. If you decide that you need a correction, we will do It for you for free. Why do we give such a guarantee? Because we are confident that we will meet your requirements.


Our pigments are especially dedicated for SMP procedures. We have about 30 shades in our color palette, so we are able to pick the most suitable color for your hair and skin. The pigment we are using had been used for years by world-class suppliers, so you can be sure that thousands of satisfied customers had been treated precisely with that pigment. Our pigments are safe for health and never turn to blue or green Micropigmentation is not a life-long procedure, after a few years the introduced pigment gradually brightens, it starts to turn in to gray until it completely disappears in the epidermis. If after that time you will find that the tattoo starts to fades or the effect stops to satisfy you, we will do a retouching for you and the effect will be again as before.


Everything you see on our website and in our social networks are the result of the work we have done. Coming to us you will see Emil to whom our specialist Ania had performed micropigmentation, seeing him will allow you to assess the live SMP effect performed in our clinic.

Best results among the micropigmentation performers

Micropigmentation effect just must look great in any light and from the closest distance so it is very important to choose the proper technique and shade, as well as the size of the micro points that we create. A good micropigmentation is undetectable for the environment and the customer can enjoy it for a long time.

Aesthetics and precision

Only micropigmentation done perfectly gives satisfaction, there is no room for mistakes. The Natural effect can be created only by the best, so it is why aesthetics and precision are so important to us. Every micro point created on the head must be perfect so that the final result is natural and does not cause suspicions among others.

Modern equipment

We work with modern equipment of a renew German brand. The equipment we use is dedicated to medical micropigmentation procedures, it is characterized by great precision and the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Your satisfaction – the most important thing for us

We work with modern equipment of a renew German brand. The equipment we use is dedicated to medical micropigmentation procedures, it is characterized by great precision and the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

100% of satisfied customers

From our clinic everyone comes out satisfied! We work in such a way that the customers are 100% satisfied, which is accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere. The final result plays the most important role here, and it often exceeds the customers expectations.

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